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AMCI Brushless Resolver Sensors & Brushless Resolver Transducers

Precision engineered

  • Size 1.1" resolver sensors
  • Single-turn resolver transducers
  • Multi-turn resolver transducers
  • Over 50 different types

Rotary Sensors : Brushless Size 11 Resolver Sensors and Resolver Transducers

Since 1985, AMCI has become a leading manufacturer of precision resolvers and resolver transducers for industrial applications.

All AMCI transducers are designed to operate reliably under severe conditions such as continuous mechanical shock and vibration, extreme temperature variations and exposure to solvent and coolant contaminants. This broad product line of IP64 and IP67 rated resolver transducers includes single turn H25 series with size 25 optical encoder mounting styles to the HMT-20, (3) resolver, 10,000 turn series.

All AMCI transducers use the R11X-J10 resolver electrical specifications and are compatible with AMCI's full line of resolver interface products. The HT and HTT family of resolver transducers are available with other resolvers to meet your specific needs. See the R11 series for AMCI's full line of size 11 resolvers.

AMCI Resolver Transducers At A Glance