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SSI Interface PLC Module For Allen-Bradley ControlLogix

Product Features:

  • two or four-channel SSI interface
  • direct interface to most sensors that output SSI
  • onboard diagnostics monitor and report errors
  • PLC time can be sent to the module to generate an interpolated (look ahead) data value
  • licensed by Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley
    for %100 compatibility with ControlLogix PLC
ssi interface module for allen-bradley controllogix plc
Specifications | 7262 .pdf manual | 7264 .pdf manual

AMCI 7260 Series SSI Interface PLC Module for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix

allen-bradley encompass partner

AMCI Model: #7260 Series

AMCI developed the 7260 series modules for applications requiring a direct interface to most sensors that output SSI data.

The resolution of the ControlLogix SSI interface modules are only limited by the resolution of the position sensor used. Additional features include: position preset, count direction, position scaling, and latch inputs that are used to capture the scaled position data.

These modules also incorporate fault diagnostics that constantly monitor system integrity and report any errors to the PLC

Product Specifications:

AMCI Module 7262 7264
PLC platform ControlLogix ControlLogix
Position sensor SSI SSI
Maximum resolution transducer dependent transducer dependent
Number of channels

(2) channels

(4) channels
Number of I/O 2 in direct (used for capturing scaled position data) 4 in direct (used for capturing scaled position data)
Transducer compatibility
Balluff / MTS / SICK / Stegmann / Allen-Bradley
Laser sensor compatibility Leuze AMS200 optical laser measurement system
Optical barcode position system compatibility Leuze BPS37 optical barcode positioning system
Velocity update time 160ms or 60ms 160ms or 60ms
DC supply requirements 400mA @ 5Vdc 550mA @ 5Vdc
Cable requirements sensor dependent sensor dependent
Removable terminal block Not included with the 7264 module. Order the 1756-TBCH (36 position cage clamp) or the 1756-TBS6H (36 position spring clamp) from your Rockwell Automation supplier.
Required hardware External +24Vdc power supply to power the input isolation circuitry and generate the 5Vdc output. This supply can also be used to power sensors that operate on 24Vdc and operate the latch inputs. External power supply for sensor and latch inputs
Optional hardware na na
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