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SMD23 (size 23)
 » Stepper Drives » 24-75VDC input: SD7540A (4.0Arms/5.6A Peak)
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AMCI SD7540A Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver
4.0 Arms/5.6A peak

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amci sd7540a microstepping stepper motor driver (4.0Arms/5.6A peak)

Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver - 4.0 Arms/5.6A peak (75VDC)


  • Speeds up to 50 rps (3000 rpm)
  • 400, 1000, 2000, and 5000 steps per turn, programmable
  • 24Vdc - 75Vdc supply voltage
  • Programmable output current up to 4.0 Arms (5.6 A peak)
  • Amplifier disable input
  • Programmable idle current reduction
  • Self-test


AMCI Model: #SD7540A

The AMCI SD7540A is a powerful stepper motor driver in a low cost, compact package. Externally powered from a 24 – 75VDC power supply, this drive pack can operate up to NEMA size 34 motors.

With up to 4 Arms(5.6 A peak) of half step and microstepping capabilities, this drive pack provides higher speed and torque than any other drive in its class. Yet, it is easy to connect to any differential or transistor pulse and direction motion controller signal.

The SD7540A stepper motor driver can also be easily programmed using AMCI’s SPI interface software and CSMD-5 cable. This Windows-based software allows the programmer quick access to fine-tune the application performance.


Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver - 4.0 Arms/5.6A peak (75VDC)

Amplifier type:
Bipolar with two MOSFET H-bridges; average current control, 20 kHz PWM

Number of phases:
(2) two
Supply voltage: 4Amps max at 24Vdc to 75Vdc max
Input power:
5V differential 15mA max step, direction, and disable
Motor current:
programmable 0.4 - 4.0A rms/5.66 Apeak in 0.4A increments
programmable 400, 1000, 2000, 5000
Idle current:
programmable 0-70% of motor current
RS232 with AMCI SPI interface software
Optional Equipment:
CSMD-5 serial interface cable


Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver - 4.0 Arms/5.6A peak (75VDC)

Current rating:
4.0 Arms (average current) / 5.6A peak (peak current)

NOTE: There are 2 ways to express the magnitude of current in microstepping stepper motor drivers, RMS and Peak.

1 amp RMS = 1.414 amp Peak.

AMCI's SD7540A stepper motor drive is rated for 4.0 amp RMS or 5.6 amp Peak.

RMS vs Peak Current - more info »

400, 1000, 2000, and 5000 steps per revolution

Maximum velocity:
motor/load dependent
Motor connections:
eight lead series or parallel, six lead series or center tapped, or four lead motors


AMCI SD7540A will work with any stepper motor controller/indexer that generates a step and direction pulse.

SCL500: Allen-Bradley 1746-HSTP1 Stepper Controller for SLC500.
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Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver - 4.0 Arms/5.6A peak (75VDC)

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