1800Q Series Modicon Quantum Resolver Interface Modules

1800Q Series Modicon Quantum Resolver Interface Modules
  • Multi-channel resolver interface
  • Available in single or multi-turn configurations
  • Supplies position, tachometer and fault data
  • Industry leading warranty and support
  • 100% compatible with entire line of AMCI brushless resolvers and resolver transducers
  • Description

    1800Q Series Modicon Quantum Resolver Interface Module

    The Series 1800Q resolver interface modules are Quantum series compliant cards that decode resolver signals. The 1800Q modules eliminate the separate resolver decoder box, PLC input card, and associated wiring needed to bring resolver data to the PLC. The position and tachometer data is reported to the backplane using input registers, and the module is programmed from the output registers.

    Available Versions

    1831Q-1834Q: One-to-four channel resolver interface plug-in modules for Schneider Modicon Quantum
    Price | $2,012 - $3,539/ea

    1841Q-1844Q: One-to-four channel resolver interface plug-in module for Schneider Modicon Quantum
    Price | $2,533 - $4,581/ea

    1861Q-1862Q: One-or-two channel resolver interface plug-in module for Schneider Modicon Quantum
    Price | $3,114 - $4,321/ea

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    AMCI PLC Modules for Modicon Quantum

    All AMCI plug-in module products for the Schneider Modicon Quantum provide guaranteed compatibility and utilize licensed I/O interface technology to ensure trouble-free performance.

    By combining all electronics into one easily installed plug-in module, these single slot products eliminate the hassles associated with interfacing stand alone controllers and/or interfaces to Programmable Logic Controllers. Customers choose AMCI control solutions with confidence, knowing that we have over 20 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of modules for the Schneider Automation family of PLCs.

    CAPP Partner for 20+ Years

    caaplogo.jpgAMCI is a member of the Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program. 




    The Best PLC Integration Available

    AMCI products are uniquely designed to provide the best PLC integration available. Unlike other products that require a separate software package for configuration or operation, AMCI's PLC-based products are programmed using your PLC's software - nothing new to buy or learn!

    Our expertise with the leading PLC manufacturers (e.g. Allen-Bradley Schneider, GE, etc) is unmatched when it comes to high performance Specialty I/O, Position Sensing, and Motion Control technology. 

    Program Using Your Existing Software


    AMCI's products program using your PLC's native software - nothing new to learn or buy!


    Product Specifications

    AMCI Module183XQ184XQ186XQ
    PLC PlatformModicon Quantum
    Position sensorresolver
    Max. full scale count102481924096/turn
    Number of channelsX = 1 to 4x = 1 or 2
    Tachometer resolution1 RPM
    DC supply requirements475 mA max. @ 5Vdc
    Transducer compatibilityH25 / HT-6 /
    HT-20 / HT-400 /
    HT-20-(x) /
    HTT-20 / HTT-400
    Cable requirementsCTL-XCML-X
    Required hardwarena
    Optional hardwarena


    Resolver Sensors

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    Reference Modules

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