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AMCI's Compact, Powerful Stepper Drive Beats Expectations

Terryville, CT - July 8, 2009 – AMCI introduces a space saving, powerful, 170V bus, 4.0 Amp microstepping driver. Standard features include switch selectable microstep resolutions, automatic idle current reduction, anti-resonance, short circuit protection, and over temperature circuitry. No additional power supply is required, reducing overall costs, as the SD17040C is an AC line-powered drive. The SD17040C can drive 4, 6, or 8 lead step motors, Nema sizes 23-42.

The SD17040C is designed to withstand demanding applications, with board-level components rated to 105°C (221°F). With panel or side mounting options, the SD17040C can be installed into tight spaces without supplemental fans or cooling aids. Thermal issues are no concern with this compact drive. The use of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology in combination with high quality transistors has enabled AMCI to customize the drive’s performance for most applications, while also reducing space within the unit. The drive’s exceptional power combined with anti-resonance circuitry delivers the smoothest, most reliable performance possible in a stepper motor system.

AMCI’s SD17040C microstepping driver offers several standard features from safety, to performance, to customization. Below is an overview of what this microstepping driver has to offer:

  • Compact Size (2.1”W x 4.0”D x 6.2”H)
  • 170V Bus, AC Line-Powered (No Additional Power Supply Required)
  • Switch Selectable Motor Current, 1.0-4.0 Amps
  • (16) Switch Selectable Microstep Resolutions, up to 50,800 steps/rev.
  • Selectable Self-Test Feature
  • Interlock Safety Feature and Short Circuit Protection
  • Automatic Idle Current Reduction, Fully Programmable
  • Anti-Resonance

AMCI’s SD17040C stepper drive is 100% compatible with all of AMCI’s stepper controllers and motors.


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