Partners-page-Rockwell-Automation-Logo.jpgRockwell Automation

AMCI is a founding member of Rockwell Automation’s Encompass Program

 See our Encompass Products here


Partners-page-Schneider-Electric-Logo.jpgSchneider Electric

AMCI is a proud member of Schneider Electric’s Collaborative Automation Program Partner (CAPP)

 See our CAPP products here


Partners-page-GE-Automation-&-Controls-Logo.jpgGE Automation & Controls

AMCI engineers & manufactures specialty I/O modules for the RX3i & RX7i PACs

 See our GE Modules here


Partners-page-AMCI-by-IDEC-Logo.jpgIDEC Corporation

IDEC Corporation engineered & manufactured the 'AMCI by IDEC Corporation' family of motion control products

 See 'AMCI by IDEC' products here



AMCI’s trusted gearbox designer & manufacturer for motors.

 See their CP & NP Series Gearboxes here


Partners-page-US-Army-Corps-of-Engineers-Logo.jpgArmy Corp of Engineers

AMCI resolver sensing is a proven technology within Army Corp or Engineers' control systems of dams, canals and flood protection projects



Partners-page-Meggitt-Defense-Systems-Logo.jpgMeggitt Defense Systems

AMCI heavy-duty rotary encoders are engineered into the country’s most sophisticated military attack vehicles designed, manufactured, integrated and operated by Meggitt Defense Systems


Partners-page-General-Dynamics-Logo.jpgGeneral Dynamics

AMCI Rotary Encoders are specified by General Dynamics in their military defense systems



Partners-page-L3-Technologies-Logo.jpgL3 Technologies

AMCI resolvers are sourced as replacement sensors for US Government applications requiring custom and/or highly specialized solutions



Partners-page-HELM-Logo.jpgHelm Instruments

AMCI resolver transducers, resolver interfaces, and heavy-duty EtherNet/IP rotary encoders are designed into Helm’s stamping press automation control systems


Partners-page-Minster-Logo.jpgMinster Machine Company

AMCI resolver transducers, resolver interfaces, heavy-duty EtherNet/IP rotary encoders, and integrated stamping press automation controls are specified on Minster stamping presses


Partners-page-AIDA-America-Logo.jpgAida America

AMCI resolver transducers and resolver interfaces for stamping press automation are specified on Aida America stamping presses



Partners-page-Kamco-Logo.jpgKamco Supply Corporation

AMCI standalone programmable limit switches, resolver transducers, and resolver sensors are engineered into Kamco’s family of stamping press automation controls