Return Policy

Return Policy


All AMCI product returns require an official Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. 


Requesting Return Authorizations

All returns must be processed by the same point of purchase. Return Material Authorization (RMA) numbers may be obtained by contacting the AMCI Sales Department by calling 1-860-585-1254, or via email:  RMA Numbers ensure that returned products will be properly credited to the Customer's account. Products returned without authorization numbers will be returned to the sender. Please be prepared to provide related part number, serial numbers, and purchase order number when requesting return authorizations.  The product return form must be filled out completely and returned to AMCI before being issued a RMA. 


Returns due to Product Issues

1. Incorrect Product Shipped

AMCI will promptly provide Returned Material Authorization numbers for incorrect parts, see item 1.  Product must be returned in original packaging with factory seal intact and labeling to help our investigation and processing.  Your account will be credited when product returns are received and verified by our Distribution Center.

2. Product Defect Claims

AMCI’s warranty policy for products claimed defective is to repair and return (no product exchanges). Please see our Warranty & Repair policy for more details.

3.  Shipping Damage

If you receive damaged product with visible damage to external shipping containers, please report the damage to the carrier at the time of receipt. Please contact the AMCI Sales Office with details of the damage.

4.  Return Requests due to Customer Errors or Customer Convenience

AMCI will consider return requests, at our sole discretion and without obligation, due to Customer Error or Customer Convenience subject to the following restrictions:

a.  Product purchased must not be classified as NCNR (Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable).

b.  Product must be undamaged and be in the Original Manufacturers sealed Packaging to ensure that there has been no possibility of physical damage, Electrostatic Discharge Damage (ESD) or exposure to moisture.  AMCI product labeling must be in place so that we have clear traceability to our original shipment.  AMCI must be able to restock and resell this product with absolute confidence.

c.  Product must be have been shipped by AMCI within the past 4 months.  AMCI manages inventory consumption on a FIFO basis (First In First Out) to provide the newest product possible to our customers.

d.  Customer Convenience and Customer Error Returns shall be subject to restocking charges equal to 15% of the product’s purchase price or a $50 minimum charge – whichever is higher.

e.  All Customer Error or Customer Convenience Returns will be carefully inspected prior to restocking.  Any product that is not suitable for restocking will be returned to the Customer without credit.


Returns for Repair

Please visit the "Warranty & Repairs" page for more information.  The page is located in the "How to Buy" section of the AMCI website.


Returns for Credit

AMCI product returns must be made within four (4) months from the date of purchase. Returned product must be in original packaging, unused, undamaged and in saleable condition with the factory seal intact. Proof of purchase is required. 

All AMCI product returns require an official Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA # is only an acceptance of product to be returned for evaluation. A debit must not be taken for the returned product until the Credit Memo is issued by AMCI. When a Credit Memo is issued, that Credit Memo number must appear as the reference for the payment deduction.    

AMCI’s product return to stock policy is as follows:  

  • Built-to-order products are not eligible for return.
  • Products must be returned to stock within 4 months of their original delivery date.
  • Eligible products must be in their original box with the factory seal intact; damaged or used equipment will not be accepted for return.
  • 15% restocking charge or $50.00 minimum fee (whichever is greater) applies.  

Discounts do not apply to restocking charges.


For further information or questions on specific product return requests please contact the AMCI Sales Department.


Contact AMCI Sales Department

To download a copy of the Product Return Policy, please click below.

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