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What is a Resolver-Based Encoder?

The AMCI resolver-based rotary shaft encoder is engineered to save customers time and money. Utilizing an innovative resolver-based design, this optical encoder replacement delivers reliable position feedback.


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Resolver-Based Rotary Shaft Encoders: Features

Resolver-based Rotary Shaft Encoders provide the heaviest duty 2.5" rotary shaft encoder available, anywhere. Several features set this family of rotary encoders apart from the competition; namely, its cost saving durability, field programmability, and wide range of applications.

  •     Cost-saving durability
  •     Resolver-based reliability
  •     Field programmable output resolution
  •     Wide range of applications
  •     More...

AMCI resolver-based rotary shaft encoders have earned a "bulletproof" reputation among established machine builders and successful system integrators. Here are some of the reasons why experts accept no substitutes when it comes to AMCI rotary shaft encoders - the world's toughest industrial grade 2.5" rotary shaft encoders.

Cost Saving Durability

Traditionally, resolvers have offered the highest reliability in the industrial sector. However, until now their durability has come with a relatively high cost per unit.

At a much lower price, optical rotary encoders have proven a more economical solution for many applications. But the relative fragility of their constructions typically leads to the need for frequent replacement.

The AMCI rotary shaft encoder represents a technological advance that gives you a new and optimum choice. These heavy-duty encoders combine the durability of a resolver at optical rotary encoder pricing, bringing you the finest industrial encoder on the market today.

Resolver-based Reliability

Featuring an integrated NEMA 4 housing, the AMCI rotary shaft encoder utilizes a brushless resolver sensor. Absolute over a single turn, the resolver was originally developed for military applications and has benefited from more than 50 years of continuous use and development. What is a resolver? (Tech Tutorial)

AMCI recognized the benefits of the resolver, designed to withstand the punishment of a military application, and incorporated this rotary position sensor into their resolver-based encoder design. Through superior engineering, AMCI has combined the time tested reliability of a resolver with advanced electronics, enabling accurate rotary position feedback in virtually any application. No matter how hot, humid, dusty, oily, or mechanically demanding the environment, AMCI's rotary-shaft encoders are ready.

Field Programmable Output Resolution

The Incremental and Digital version of AMCI rotary shaft encoders can be field-programmed for any output resolution required in today's industrial environment. This breakthrough product reduces stocking inventory for machines builders by enabling them to utilize one programmable AMCI encoder for all of the rotary encoder needs.

Instead of purchasing several different rotary encoders dependent on application requirements, system integrators can now stock one AMCI encoder and field program the output resolution on the fly.

Ordering is simplified, stocking and lead time hassles are eliminated, and AMCI encoder flexibility permits swapping with other machines and applications, irrespective of their configuration  requirements.



Wide Range of Applications

AMCI's resolver-based encoder is a field programmable rotary shaft encoder, possessing unbelievable flexibility. Its primary function is to convert rotary motion into useful information. The core parameters determined are speed, rate, velocity, distance, position, or direction. A typical application will use one or more of these parameters as feedback to the controller in a motion control system.

Compatible with 100+ plus different applications:

  • Motor feedback
  • Cut-to-length
  • Filling applications
  • Registration timing
  • Backstop gauging
  • More...

Featuring an integrated resolver housing and on-board electronics, AMCI rotary shaft encoders are available for all motion sensing applications. Versions include Incremental or Absolute Digital, SSI, Voltage or Current Analog, and Ethernet.

Today's fast paced industrial environments depend on reliable control systems, capable of sustaining high volume manufacturing. Whether your business is metal fabrication, material handling, process control, product packaging, pharmaceuticals, or food processing, the AMCI rotary encoder is ready.

Motor Feedback

Perhaps the most common rotary encoder application, motor feedback requires that an encoder is either mounted directly to the motor, or indirectly using a measuring wheel or chain-and-sprocket arrangement. The parameter of interest with this application is the speed or position of the motor.

Everything from production line conveyor belts to overhead cranes can be monitored for position using an AMCI rotary encoder in a motor feedback application.

Cut To Length

One of the most practical applications of an encoder leverages simple mathematics to determine position. To illustrate this statement, lets investigate an example.

Suppose a system were designed with a roller that is exactly one foot in circumference, the roller would feed one foot of material for every revolution of the roller. An encoder mounted to the roller would reflect this position and could report to a controller how much material had been fed through the roller.

The resolution of the encoder would also directly reflect the accuracy of the cut-to-length. Industries such as textile, paper, wood, metal, rubber, and plastic rely on cut-to-length applications for efficient production and packaging.

Plus or minus one count, AMCI resolver-based encoders lead the market in delivering the same level of accuracy as the finest rotary encoders available.

Filling Applications

An array of industrial manufacturers, ranging from food processors to packaging companies, rely on filling applications to keep their lines running smooth.

A filling application would use the AMCI rotary encoder to make sure that a unit, typically a machine tool, does not exceed a preset position or direction of travel. Very often, this is combined with a determination of the speed of travel of the table, tool head, or similar component.

Irrespective of the specific filling application, AMCI encoders represent an optimum choice in position sensor monitoring.

Registration Mark Timing

Using a rotary encoder to determine the position of a unit relative to a known point, and then to determine the unit's speed relative to that mark, is referred to as registration mark timing.

Radar antenna rotation or tank turret control represent good examples of this type of application.

Backstop Gauging

Using an AMCI rotary encoder, monitoring ensures that the unit, typically a machine tool, does not exceed a preset position or direction of travel. Typically, this is combined with a determination of the speed of travel of the table, tool head, or similar component.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Answers to the most frequently asked resolver-based rotary shaft encoder questions.

  • Is it expensive?
  • Why is it so durable?
  • How is it programmed?
  • What makes it flexible?
  • Can AMCI's rotary encoder also be used for light to medium duty applications?

Is an AMCI Resolver-based encoder cost competitive with today's traditional rotary shaft encoders?

Yes. An AMCI rotary shaft encoder is priced at or below competitive industrial grade rotary shaft encoders. From a value standpoint, the AMCI rotary shaft encoder clearly leads the pack with extraordinary durability and flexible performance.

What makes the AMCI Rotary SHAFT Encoder so much more durable than a conventional rotary shaft encoder?

Unlike conventional rotary shaft encoders, the AMCI rotary shaft encoder does not rely on disks made of glass, plastic, or metal to determine rotary position. Depending on the material employed to make these disks, they are traditionally susceptible to breakage, dirt, and/or debris, all of which corrupt accurate rotary shaft position sensing. Furthermore, magnet type encoders suffer from resolution limitations and noise distortion.

AMCI's resolver-based encoder removes frailty from the conventional encoder design by utilizing ultra resiliant resolver technology to communicate rotary shaft position. Used for decades by the U.S. military, the resolver rotary position sensor is considered one of the most stable and accurate in the world.

How do machine builders, system integrators, and industrial customers benefit from the AMCI Rotary Encoder flexibility?

The field programmability of AMCI's Incremental encoder enable customers to minimize machine/line downtime, facilitate tech servicing and encoder swaps, and save money through lower stocking inventories.

The AMCI rotary encoder is designed to allow the customer to set the number of cycles per turn to any value between 2 to 4096.

This feature allows the customer to reduce rotary encoder inventory while maintaining the variety of output configurations present in any automation environment.

Will the Resolver-Based industrial grade heavy-duty design also work in light-to-medium duty applications?

YES. Using the AMCI resolver-based encoder in light-to-medium duty applications makes perfect sense for any customer tired of replacing rotary shaft encoders due to breakage or failure.

The AMCI rotary encoder's extreme durability combined with competitive pricing, makes it possible for customers to purchase AMCI's heavy-duty encoder at light-to-medium duty encoder prices. Choosing AMCI's encoder doesn't cost more, it just gives you more.

How is the Incremental Encoder programmed?

The AMCI incremental encoder is field programmable via a set of easily accessed dip switches, located on the rear of the housing. Using these dip switches, users can set the number of cycles per turn to any value between 2 to 4096.



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