AMCI 3102 Servo/Stepper Motion Controller Module For Allen-Bradley 1762 MicroLogix I/O

Unleash the power of your 1762 MicroLogix I/O with AMCI’s new 3100 series two-axis motion control modules. These 2-axis controllers plug directly into your MicroLogix PLC, and are available in two versions: 3102 (X-Y motion control) and 3102i (X-Y motion control + interpolation).

AMCI’s 3100 series modules provide encoder feedback in addition to a wide range of motion commands, satisfying simple to sophisticated application requirements. Both the 3102 and 3102i are 100% compatible with MicroLogix 1100, 1200, and 1400, and are easy to program using Allen-Bradley’s RSLogix 500 software.

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