5274A ControlLogix Data Acquisition Module

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    This is a legacy product. While it is available at this time, please note that we anticipate phasing it out (retiring) it by the end of 2023. If you have any questions, or would like assistance seeking an alternative solution, please contact our sales department.


  • 50µs data sampling rate
  • Data export for analysis and/or records
  • Four High Speed Analog Inputs
  • Four Digital Inputs
  • Four Digital Outputs
  • Utilizes Rockwell Automation Technology for 100% compatibility with ControlLogix PLC.
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    5274A ControlLogix Data Acquisition Module

    AMCI’s 5274A is an analog input, high speed data acquisition module that plugs into the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and programs using RSLogix5000 (Studio 5000).

    High-speed is the operative word for this data acquisition card that acquires data at a programmable sample rate, 50 microseconds minimum, and archives the data using the PLC’s registers for analysis or export. The 5274A can transfer a maximum of 128 samples, either on one channel, or evenly divided over the module’s four channels, making it possible to capture data from up to four different analog sources (e.g. weigh scale, thermo-couple, vacuum sensor, etc.).

    Typical applications for this module include:

    • Research and analysis (factory, laboratory, etc.)
    • Design validation and verification
    • Manufacturing and quality test
    • Diagnostics and repair
    • Asset condition monitoring
    • Control and automation

    Say goodbye to complex, PC-based systems and standardize your high-performance data acquisition system using an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC.

    Available Versions

    5274A: Four-channel analog input, high-speed data acquisition plug-in module for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
    Price | $3,075/ea

    Note: Pricing is US Domestic only



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    Licensed By Allen-Bradley

    All AMCI plug-in module products for Allen-Bradley PLCs or PACs are approved for sale by Rockwell Automation and utilize licensed technology to ensure trouble-free performance.

    Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) is a global Encompass member of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ program. Through collaboration with Rockwell Automation, AMCI helps its customers improve time to market, lower total cost of ownership, better manage assets and minimize manufacturing business risk.


    Encompass Product Partner since 1992

    rockwell-automation-encompass-program-amci-logo.gifAMCI is a founding member of Rockwell Automation's Encompass Product Partner program.


    The Best PLC Integration Available

    AMCI products are uniquely designed to provide the best PLC integration available. Unlike other products that require a separate software package for configuration or operation, AMCI's PLC-based products are programmed using your PLC's software - nothing new to buy or learn!

    Our expertise with the leading PLC manufacturers (e.g. Allen-Bradley Schneider, GE, etc) is unmatched when it comes to high performance Specialty I/O, Position Sensing, and Motion Control technology. 

    Program Using Your Existing Software


    AMCI's products program using your PLC's native software - nothing new to learn or buy!


    Product Specifications

    AMCI Module5274A
    PLC platform1756 ControlLogix
    Analog Sensor RangeCan be programmed to work with sensors that output +/- 10V, 0 to 10V, 0 to 5V, or 0 to 20mA signals
    Maximum resolution14 bit (16384 counts) over the –10.25 to 10.25V span
    13 bit (8192 counts) over the 0 to 10.25V span
    13 bit (8192 counts) over the 0 to 20mA span
    12 bit (4096 counts) over the 0 to 5.125V span
    Acquisition time50us minimum for all channels
    Each channel has an individually programmable sample rate in 50us increments.
    Maximum number of Samples per acquisition time1 channel = 128
    2 channels = 64 per channel
    3 channels =42 per channel
    4 channels =32 per channel
    Number of I/O- 4 Analog Inputs
    - 4 Digital Inputs (can optionally be used to control when the sampling operation is to occur.)
    - 4 Digital Outputs (can be used to indicate if the measured analog value is inside or outside of a programmed range.)
    Number of inspection points32 points per channel maximum
    Backplane DC supply requirements610mA @5Vdc
    Cable requirementsSensor dependent
    Required hardwareNot included with the 5274A module
    1756-TBCH (36 position cage clamp) or
    1756-TBS6H (36 position spring clamp)
    Order from your Rockwell Automation supplier
    Optional Hardwarena

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