7662 MicroLogix SSI Interface Module

7662 MicroLogix SSI Interface Module
  • Two-channel SSI interface
  • Direct interface to most sensors that output SSI
  • Onboard diagnostics monitor and report errors
  • Compatible with leading SSI sensors
  • Onboard fault diagnostics that constantly monitor system integrity and report errors
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    7662 MicroLogix SSI Interface Module

    AMCI developed the the 7662 module for applications requiring a direct interface to most sensors that output SSI data. The resolution of the MicroLogix SSI interface module is only limited by the resolution of the position sensor used.

    The AMCI 7662 SSI interface module can be used with most Temposonics and Balluff linear sensors (LDT) when configured with the SSI output. This provides higher resolution and faster throughput than traditional start-stop or PWM style sensors.

    Additional features include: position preset, count direction, position scaling, and latch inputs that are used to capture the scaled position data. This module also incorporates fault diagnostics that constantly monitor system integrity and report any errors to the PLC.

    Available Versions

    7662: Two-channel SSI interface plug-in module for the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix
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    All AMCI plug-in module products for Allen-Bradley PLCs or PACs are approved for sale by Rockwell Automation and utilize licensed technology to ensure trouble-free performance.

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    Product Specifications

    AMCI Module7662
    PLC platform1764 MicroLogix
    Number of channels(2)
    Position sensorSSI
    Maximum resolutionTransducer dependent
    Number of I/O
    D = Direct
    B = Backplane
    RB = Relay Board
    2 in direct
    Transducer compatibilityAMCI: DC25 SSI | AMCI: ME15 SSI
    Others: Balluff / MTS / SICK / Stegmann / Allen-Bradley
    Laser sensor compatibilityLeuze AMS200 optical laser measurement system
    Optical barcode position systemLeuze BPS37 optical barcode positioning system
    Velocity update time160ms or 24ms
    DC supply requirements375ma @ 5Vdc
    Cable requirementsSensor dependent
    Required hardwareExternal power supply for sensor and latch inputs
    Optional hardwarena


    Rotary Encoders

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