HT-400 Single-turn Resolver Transducer

HT-400 Single-turn Resolver Transducer
  • Direct replacement for AVG Autotech SAC-RL100's and Gemco Series I's
  • Can be ordered with AMCI, AVG, or other compatible resolvers
  • Redesigned for 100% mechanical compatibility
  • Superior durability in harsh environments
  • Ideal for high-shock applications
  • 4" diameter anodized aluminum housing
  • Interchangeable and field replaceable conduit and connector terminations
  • 100% compatible with AMCI's complete line of resolver interface products when ordered with AMCI resolvers
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    HT-400 Single-Turn Resolver Transducer

    Redesigned for complete mechanical and electrical compatibility with AVG/Autotech SAC-RL100's and Gemco Series I transducers, HT-400 Series are IP64 rated heavy-duty 4 inch diameter resolver based transducers.

    Available with a 1 inch conduit fitting or military connector, all of our size 400 transducers feature a unique termination block that allows you to switch between conduit and connector terminations in the field. Not only does this allow you to reduce the number of spares you need to stock, this system also allows you to make connector and conduit repairs in the field, sometimes without removing the transducer from the machine.

    In addition to termination flexibility, HT-400 Series transducers can be ordered with a wide variety of resolvers to match your control system needs.

    Combined with our industry best lead times, HT-400 Series transducers allow you to design new systems around an industry standard package, or quickly upgrade or repair existing machines.

    AMCI offers a complete line of resolver interface solutions, enabling you to easily configure a resolver-based position feedback system in your favorite PLC, PAC, or network.

    Available Versions

    HT-400-S-J: 5/8" shaft, 4 inch body diameter, side connect, AMCI resolver type
    Price | $1,285/ea

    HT-400-S-L: 5/8" shaft, 4 inch body diameter, side connect, AVG/Autotech/Gemco resolver type
    Price | $1,285/ea

    HT-400-C-J: 5/8" shaft, 4 inch body diameter, conduit entry, AMCI resolver type
    Price | $1,285/ea

    HT-400-C-L: 5/8" shaft, 4 inch body diameter, conduit entry, AVG/Autotech/Gemco resolver type
    Price | $1,285/ea

    Note: Pricing is US Domestic only



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    Heavy-Duty Reliability

    The resolver transducer was originally developed to withstand the punishment of military applications, and has since benefited from more than 50 years of continuous use and development. Product packaging plants and stamping press lines are perfect examples of where you might find resolver based systems at work today.

    Builders and system integrators alike agree that the resolver transducer is unsurpassed in its ability to reliably supply rotary position data in the harshest industrial environments.

    The AMCI resolver product line is offered in aluminum or stainless steel construction, and boasts up to an IP67 rating. Solid shaft and hub shaft versions are available, and both types incorporate an oversized double row bearing that supports shaft loads up to 100 lbs. radial / 50 lbs. axial.

    Inside the Resolver Transducer



    Mechanical Specifications

    HT-400 Series Resolver Transducer
    Shaft loading: 100 lbs. radial/50 lbs. axial maximum shaft loading. Bearing life rated at 2X10^9 revolutions minimum at maximum shaft load.
    Starting torque:8.0 oz. in max @25° C
    Moment of inertia:8.75 X 10ˆ-4 oz-in-secˆ2
    Weight: 4.80 lbs.
    Housing:Anodized aluminum
    Shaft:303 stainless steel

    Connector Pinout: (Military Equivalent Part #: MS3112E12-10P)

    ("S" Termination or MS-TA25 Adapter)
    G, H, J, KNo connection


    HT-400 Series Resolver Transducer
    -J (AMCI standard)
    HT-400 Series Resolver Transducer
    -L (AVG/Autotech standard)
    Operating Frequency:
    5000 Hz
    Operating Frequency:
    2250 Hz
    Rotor Input Voltage:
    7.0 Vrms
    Rotor Input Voltage:
    1.88 Vrms
    Stator Output Voltage:
    6.65 Vrms
    Stator Output Voltage:
    2.6 Vrms
    Transformation Ratio:
    0.95 ± 5%
    Transformation Ratio:
    1.40 ± 5%
    Input Current:
    20 mArms max.
    Input Current:
    20 mArms max.
    Phase Shift
    10° max.
    Phase Shift
    10° max.
    max. error ±10 minutes max
    max. error ±10 minutes max


    HT-400 Series Resolver Transducer
    Operating temperature:-40° C to 125° C (-40° F to 257° F)
    Shock:50 G's for 11 mSec
    Vibration:15 g's to 2,000 Hz


    Compatible Cables

    For all cables, (x) = length of cable in feet.


    AMCI Part NumberUses Connector:


    Compatible Connectors

    Connectors are sold separately or as part of a pre-assembled cable.


    AMCI Part NumberMilitary Equivalent



    Resolver transducers product family overview

    AMCI’s wide selection of resolver transducers, resolver interfaces for PLC based systems, and related accessories provide a complete, quality solution supported by over 25 years of product design, manufacturing, and application experience. Watch the video to learn more about these maximum duty rotary sensors!

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    Create Your Part Number

    Generate your HT-400 Series resolver transducer part number by using this helpful ordering guide. Starting from left to right, use the following diagram and table to choose the desired options. Please note the following…

    • Other resolver types and high accuracy units are also available. Consult factory for availability.

    Part Number Guide

    Part Number CharacterHT-400 Resolver Transducer Selections
    Termination:C= 1 inch conduit
    S = MS25 side connector
    Resolver Type:J = AMCI standard
    L = AVG/Autotech and Gemco standard
    Note: Other resolvers are available, consult AMCI Sales for assistance.


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