NR60E2 Ethernet Resolver

NR60E2 Ethernet Resolver
  • Dual-port networking offers offers DLR for EtherNet/IP & MRP for Profinet
  • Multi-protocol - EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, & Profinet networks built-in
  • Single-turn resolution up to 16 bit
  • Multi-turn resolution up to 30 bit
  • IP67 Ingress Protection Rating
  • Solid shaft and hub shaft versions
  • Allen-Bradley 842e series replacement
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    User Manuals & Drawings

    NR60E2 user manual

    NR60E2 2D DWG & 3D STP drawings

    Sample Programs

    NR60E2 sample programs

    NR60E2 Siemens TIA Portal sample programs

    Configuration Files

    NR60E2 eds files

    NR60E2 gsdml files


    EtherNet configuration software












    NR60E2 Ethernet Resolver Transducers

    The AMCI NR60E2 series of heavy-duty Ethernet Resolvers are compatible with all PLCs/PACs that support EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, or Profinet. The NR60E2 series Ethernet resolvers are available in absolute single-turn and multi-turn packages using an IP67 rated 60mm diameter industrial housing. Flange and servo mounting styles are available to suit various mounting requirements. These networked absolute rotary resolvers provide up to 30 bit total resolution, delivering 16 bit (65536 steps) per revolution and up to an additional 14 bit (16384 revolutions) for multi-turn versions.

    Easy To Configure & Install

    AMCI's Ethernet resolvers are designed for simple set-up and trouble free performance. The NR60E2 networked resolvers are compatible with all PLCs and PACs that support EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, or Profinet, including Allen-Bradley, IDEC, Siemens, and Schneider. Programmed using the PLC/PAC resident software ensures hassle free integration with your application.

    The NR60 Ethernet resolvers offer a variety of programmable features:

    • Selectable Resolution
    • Selectable Count Direction
    • Selectable Velocity Format
    • Programmable Presets for Zeroing or Homing

    All programmable parameters and the preset offset are stored in the internal non-volatile memory for speedy retrieval, making it quick and easy to configure your NR60E2 networked resolver.


    E2-logo-50x50px.gifE2 Technology by AMCI is an innovative new multi-protocol approach to Ethernet distributed I/O.  Supported protocols include EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, and PROFINET.

    ● Dual-Port Networking
    ● Multi-Protocol
    Web Server
    Native Software

    fault-tolerant-network-logo-icon.pngThe NR60E2 has a built-in Ethernet switch. The embedded switch provides a network connection for additional devices without increasing the nodes on your existing ethernet switch. Fault tolerant connections can detect a break in the network and redirect the network traffic maintaining communication and system up-time.  See the DLR video tutorial on the bottom of the page to learn more.

    Heavy-duty Performance & Reliability

    The NR60E2 Ethernet resolver supplies absolute position feedback without glass discs or sensitive LED components, enabling it to withstand high levels of shock and vibration. The IP67 rated housing guarantees protection against dust and water ingress. Add the NR60E2 resolver's impressive shaft load ratings and ruggedness is second to none.

    AMCI's NR60E2 Ethernet resolver is the heavy-duty solution for single-turn and multi-turn position applications requiring serious reliability for today's harshest industrial environments.

    Available Versions

    NR60E2 (Single-turn, 16 Bit):
    Price | $1,230/ea

    NR60E2 (Multi-turn, 28 Bit):
    Price | $1,530/ea

    NR60E2 (Multi-turn, 30 Bit):
    Price | $1,710/ea

    Stainless Steel Option: add to above pricing
    Price | $780/ea

    Note: Pricing is US Domestic only


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    NR60E2 Features

    • Dual-port networking offers offers DLR for EtherNet/IP & MRP for Profinet
    • Multi-protocol - EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, & Profinet networks built-in
    • Single-turn resolution up to 16 bit (65,536 counts)
    • Multi-turn resolution up to 30 bit (65,536 counts x 16,384 revolutions)
    • Programmable resolution, count direction, velocity format, & position preset
    • Resolver durability
    • IP67 Ingress Protection Rating
    • Solid shaft and hub shaft versions
    • ODVA compliant
    • Compatible w/ Allen-Bradley + Schneider PLCs supporting EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, or Profinet


    The Best PLC Integration Available

    AMCI products are uniquely designed to provide the best PLC integration available. Unlike other products that require a separate software package for configuration or operation, AMCI's PLC-based products are programmed using your PLC's software - nothing new to buy or learn!

    Our expertise with the leading PLC manufacturers (e.g. Allen-Bradley Schneider, GE, etc) is unmatched when it comes to high performance Specialty I/O, Position Sensing, and Motion Control technology.

    Compatible Networks


    AMCI's NR60E2 Series is compatible with any PLC that supports these networks

    Heavy-Duty Reliability

    The AMCI NR Series resolvers are engineered to save customers time and money. Utilizing an innovative design, this optical encoder replacement delivers reliable, heavy-duty position feedback. Several features set this family of rotary encoders apart from the competition; namely, its cost saving durability, field programmability, and wide range of applications.

    •     Cost-saving durability
    •     Resolver-based reliability
    •     Field programmable output resolution
    •     Wide range of applications
    •     More...
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    Mechanical Specifications

    NR60E2 Series Ethernet Resolver Transducer
    Package style:58mm diameter housing available with flange or servo shaft mounting
    63mm diameter housing with blind shaft mounting
    Housing:Powder coated aluminum housing or stainless steel
    Shaft sizes:Standard shaft
    1/4" , 3/8", 6 mm, or 10 mm diameter stainless steel

    Blind shaft hole
    0.375", 0.5", 10mm, 12mm diameter
    Shaft loading:40 lbs. radial/20 lbs. axial maximum shaft loading.
    Bearing life rated at 2X109 revolutions minimum at maximum shaft load.
    Starting Torque:2.0 oz-in max @25° C
    Moment of inertia:6.00 x 10-4 oz-in-sec2
    Connector location:End connector version: 3 connectors
    (2 connectors) for data
    (1 connector) for power

    Side connector version: 3 connectors*
    (2 connectors) for data
    (1 connector) for power

    *side connect not available with stainless housing/body option

    Connectors Pinouts:

    Power Connector

    1No Connection12 to 48Vdc
    3No ConnectionGround

    There are two color codes in common use when wiring Ethernet connections with twisted pairs. Either one of these standards is acceptable. Note that accidently reversing the Tx/Rx pairs will not affect the operation of the NR60. The NR60 has an “auto-sense” port that will automatically adjust for swapped pairs.

    Data Connectors (2)

    PinSignal568A Color568B Color
    1 Tx+White / Orange TracerWhite / Green Tracer
    2 Rx+White / Green TracerSolid Green
    3 Tx-Solid OrangeWhite / Orange Tracer
    4RX-Solid GreenSolid Orange


    NR60E2 Series Ethernet Resolver Transducer
    Enclosure:IP67 (valid only with working shaft seal & mating connector fitted)
    Shock:50 G's for 11 mSec
    Vibration:20 g, 5 to 2,000 Hz
    Operating temperature:-40° C to 85° C standard

    Electrical Specifications

    NR60E2 Series Ethernet Resolver Transducer
    Output Code:EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, & Profinet
    Resolution:Single Turn = 65536 counts max

    Multi Turn = (2 versions)
    65536 counts / turn & 4096 turns maximum
    65536 counts / turn & 16384 turns maximum
    Direction of Increasing Counts:Programmable over the network
    default = CW increasing looking at the shaft
    Programmable Parameters: -Direction of Increasing Counts
    -Counts Per Turn
    -Velocity Units
    -Preset Function
    -Total Measurement Range
    (defines the number of counts where the position rolls over to zero)
    Time Stamp:Time stamp is an unsigned double integer value
    with an interval of 400 nanoseconds; rolls over every 1717.9869184 seconds.
    Power requirements:12 to 54Vdc
    2.5 W maximum
    100mA @ 24Vdc


    Compatible Cables & Connectors

    The following mating connectors are available from AMCI

    • Note that any commercially available M12 connectors with the proper coding and contacts can be used

    Mating Connectors (Sold Separately)

    MS-28Mating connector for Ethernet port connector
    Screw terminal connections. 6 to 8 mm dia. cable.
    Straight, IP67 rated when properly installed.
    MS-29Mating connector for Power connector.
    Screw terminal connections. 6 to 8 mm dia. cable. 18 AWG max.
    Straight, IP67 rated when properly installed.

    Cables (Sold Separately)

    CNER-5MMolded cordset for Ethernet connector. 5 meters in length.
    Straight M12 4 pin D-coded to RJ-45 connector.
    IP67 rated when properly installed.
    CNVL-2MMolded cordset for Power connector. 22 AWG wire, 2 meters in length.
    Straight connector to flying leads. IP67 rated when properly installed.



    Resolver transducers product family overview

    AMCI’s wide selection of resolver transducers, resolver interfaces for PLC based systems, and related accessories provide a complete, quality solution supported by over 25 years of product design, manufacturing, and application experience. Watch the video to learn more about these maximum duty rotary sensors!

    Duration 01:20

    Technical Drawings

    NR60E2 Servo Mount, End Connect

    NR60E2 Servo Mount, End Connect

    NR60E2 Servo Mount, Side Connect

    NR60E2 Servo Mount, Side Connect

    NR60E2 Flange Mount, End Connect

    NR60E2 Flange Mount, End Connect

    NR60E2 Flange Mount, Side Connect

    NR60E2 Flange Mount, Side Connect

    NR60E2 Hub Shaft, Side Connect

    NR60E2 Hub Shaft, Side Connect

    NR60E2 Hub Shaft, End Connect

    NR60E2 Hub Shaft, End Connect

    NR60E2 Solid Shaft Options

    NR60E2 Solid Shaft Options



    Cables Learn More


    Connectors Learn More

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    Create your part number 

    Generate your NR60E2 part number by using the interactive tool below. Starting from left to right, use choose your selections from the drop down options while referencing the table below.

    Part Number CharacterNR60E2 Ethernet ResolverMost Popular Selections
    Housing:F1 = Square flange
    H1= 63 mm blind shaft
    S1 = 58 mm diameter servo mount
    (Square flange)
    Shaft Seal & Body:B=Nitrile seal, aluminum housing
    C=Viton seal, stainless steel housing
    V=Viton seal, aluminum housing
    (Nitrile seal)
    Shaft Diameter:Solid shaft
    1 = 3/8" diameter 0.875” length, No Flat
    2 = 1/4" diameter 0.875” length, No Flat
    3 = 6 mm diameter length, No Flat
    4 = 10 mm diameter 0.875” length, No Flat
    Blind shaft hole
    1 = 0.375" diameter
    2 = 10 mm diameter
    4 = 0.500" diameter
    6 = 12 mm diameter
    (3/8" solid shaft)
    Output Configuration:1 = 16 Bit Single Turn (65536 counts/turn)
    2 = 28 Bit Multi Turn (65536 counts/turn & 4,096 turns)
    3 = 30 Bit Multi Turn (65536 counts/turn & 16384 turns)
    Connector Location:E = End
    S = Side*

    *Please note: Side connect is not available with stainless body option (option C above).
    (End connect)
    Connector Type: 01 = Embedded Switch Version, End M12 Connectors
    (2) 4 pin Female D-Type: Network
    (1) 4 pin Male A-Type: Power
    (Three M12 connectors)


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