ME15 Absolute Analog Rotary Shaft Encoder

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    This is a legacy product. While it is available at this time, please note that we anticipate phasing it out (retiring) it by the end of 2023. If you have any questions, or would like assistance seeking an alternative solution, please contact our sales department.


  • Ideal for high-shock and vibration applications
  • IP67 rating (dust tight, water tight)
  • Compact low cost design
  • 10 bit resolution
  • 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc output versions | 0-20mA, 4-20mA output versions
  • (2) connection options
  • Servo mounting styles
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    AMCI ME15 Absolute Analog Rotary Shaft Encoder

    AMCI's ME15 Analog rotary shaft encoder is designed for cost sensitive applications that require bullet-proof reliability. The ME15 magnetic encoder measures just under 1.5" in diameter and is engineered for heavy-duty operation across a variety of industries. The encoder's IP67 rating protects against dust and moisture, and the sensor's compact design only relies on two components, ensuring trouble free operation.

    AMCI's ME15 Analog encoder utilizes a small diametrically polarized magnet and a custom ASIC that contains an array of Hall sensors that generate a voltage when exposed to a magnetic field. The ASIC detects the change in magnetic flux distribution as the magnet rotates above it and outputs a voltage level that represents the angular position. The ASIC also has the ability to ignore any interfering magnetic fields, allowing the ME15 to operate in areas of high external fields.

    Summary: The ME15’s small size, high reliability, IP67 protection rating and low cost make it an ideal replacement for potentiometers and small industrial encoders. A sturdy machined housing and a high resistance to shock and vibration make these encoders an ideal fit and capable withstanding difficult environmental conditions, including electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise generated by neighboring currents.

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    ME15SSxxxxxxx: Absolute analog single-turn rotary encoder
    Price | $565/ea

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    Mechanical Specifications

    ME15 Absolute Analog Rotary Shaft Encoder
    Package Style:Size 15 (1.5" diameter) aluminum housing with servo mounting
    Housing:Aluminum housing
    Shaft:1/4" or 6mm diameter stainless
    Shaft loading:1/4" and 6mm shafts:
    10 lbs. radial/5 lbs. axial maximum shaft loading. Bearing life rated at
    2X10^9 revolutions minimum at maximum shaft load.
    Starting Torque:2 oz. in max @25° C (with standard shaft seal)
    0.2 oz. in max @25° C (no shaft seal)
    Moment of inertia:1.75 * 10^-5 oz-in-sec^2
    Maximum speed:20,000 RPM
    Connection Options:-Seven pin, M9, End Connector
    -Integral Cable in 1.5’, 3’, 6’ or 10’ lengths
    28 AWG, 7 conductors with overall shield

    Electrical Specifications

    ME15 Absolute Analog Rotary Shaft Encoder
    Resolution:10 bits
    Accuracy:+ 0.5°
    Direction of Increasing Counts:CW or CCW, specified when ordering
    Rotational Measuring Range:360 degrees continuous
    Protection:Over and Reverse voltage protection, short circuit protected
    Power Up Setting Time:20ms


    ME15 Absolute Analog Rotary Shaft Encoder
    IP67 (valid only with working shaft seal)
    Shock:50 G's for 11 mSec
    Vibration:20 g, 5 to 2,000 Hz
    Operating temperature:-40° C to 85° C standard

    Analog Output Specifications

    ME15 Absolute Analog Rotary Shaft Encoder
    Power Requirements: Voltage Output version = 20 to 30Vdc, | 24Vdc optimal | 0.84W
    Current Output version = 20 to 30Vdc, | 24Vdc optimal | 1.32W
    Output resolution:One part in 1024 analog voltage or current
    Independent Linearity:<0.5% of Output Range
    Repeatability:<0.1% of Output Range
    Available Output Configurations:Voltage: 0 to 5Vdc or 0 to 10 Vdc
    Current: 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA

    Angular Range:

    360, 180, 90, or 45 degrees

    The Analog output version of the ME15 can be ordered to output its minimum to maximum output over the four Angular Ranges listed above. However, the next minimum to maximum cycle always begins at the start of the next full turn.

    The following diagrams show the output waveforms for the four angular ranges of an encoder ordered with CW increasing output.




    Voltage Load Capacity:

    0 to 5 Vdc0 to 10Vdc
    Current output10mA max.10mA max.
    Output load500Ω min1kΩ min

    Current Load Capacity:

    0 to 20 mA4 to 20 mA
    Output load500Ω max500Ω max

    Mating Connector: (sold seperately)

    AMCI Part NumberBinder Part Number
    MS-999 0426 00 08

    Connector Pinout: 7 pin male M9 connector or 7 conductor Integral Cable:

    SignalConnectorIntegral Cable
    +DC input1Red
    DC return2Black
    Analog output3Green
    Analog output return4Brown



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    create your part number

    Generate your ME15 encoder part number by using this helpful ordering guide. Starting from left to right, use the following diagram and table to choose the desired options. Each gray box must contain one or two alphanumeric character. Please note the following…

    Part Number CharacterAbsolute Analog DuraCoder SelectionsMost Popular Selections
    Mounting style:S = 1.5" Shaft style servo mountS
    (Servo mount)
    Shaft Seal Type:S = Shaft seal (IP67 rating)S
    (Shaft seal)
    Shaft Diameter:2 = 1/4"
    6 = 6mm
    (1/4" shaft)
    Output Type:V = Analog Voltage
    C = Analog Current
    Output Scaling:If Encoder Type = V
    1 = 0 to 5Vdc
    2 = 0 to 10Vdc

    If Encoder Type = C
    1 = 4 to 20mA
    2 = 0 to 20mA
    (2 = 0 to 10V)

    (1 = 4 to 20mA)
    Angular Range:K = 360°
    L = 180°
    M = 90°
    N = 45°
    Direction:P = CW increasing looking at shaft
    N = CCW increasing looking at shaft
    (CW increasing)
    Connection Type:E = End Connect Mating Connector
    (MS-9 mating connector sold separately)
    FL = Integral Cable
    (End connector)
    Integral Cable Length:Cable Length = 10'10'