Interface Modules

Interface Modules
  • Makes interfacing to AMCI modules cleaner and easier!
  • Screw terminals
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Small footprint
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    AMCI IMT & IM-3R Interface Modules

    AMCI IMT and IM-3R interface modules make interfacing to AMCI modules cleaner and easier.

    The IMT interface module simplifies the installation of various AMCI plug-in modules that connect to AMCI resolver transducers, and require the CTL-(X) cable. The IMT interface module provides the installer with cable connector receptacles that are easily accessed, making it hassle free to to connect up to (4) different sensors/cables to a single plug-in module interface.

    The IM-3R Wiring accessory kit includes cables, connectors, and a breakout box. It provides an easy to use 40 pin terminal block for wiring to the 3102 and 3102i stepper control modules. A 3 ft ribbon cable is provide to connect the 3102 or 3102i to the terminal block. 

    Available Types

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    Available Types

    IMT Interface Module

    Four Channel Interface board with 8' cable for 17X3 or 17X4

    The IMT Interface Module is used in conjunction with CTL-(X) cables to make interfacing to AMCI modules cleaner and easier.


    IM3R Wiring kit

    Wiring accessory kit that includes cables, connectors, & breakout box. 

    This kit is required* for the AMCI 3100 series two-axis motion controller for 1762 MicroLogix system wiring. (*Or MS-40 for users making their own cable).

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