Remote Display

Remote Display
  • Reduces machine setup time
  • Optimizes system calibration
  • Position data monitoring
  • Velocity data monitoring
  • High intensity LCD for easy viewing
  • Panel mount installation
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    6100F & 6200F user manual






    AMCI Series 6000 Remote Display

    AMCI's Series 6000 Remote Displays are devices that allow position or velocity data to be shown at locations that are different from the AMCI module.

    Typical applications mount the display on or near the machine to allow for quick visual references while calibrating the machines settings or for regulating productivity. Technicians can monitor position data in programmed scale factor units or oversee the velocity in RPM.

    Besides added convenience, this time saving product also ensures that your equipment is operating at optimum levels of performance. Check our compatibility table below to see if your module is eligible for a Series 6000 Remote Display.

    Available Types

    6100 Series:
    Price | starts at $645/ea

    6200 Series:
    Price | starts at $620/ea

    Note: Pricing is US Domestic only




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    Compatibility Table


    AMCI Series 6000 Remote Display Compatibility

    PLC ModulesCompatible DisplaysDisplayed Data
    1431-036100F or 6200Fposition only
    1441-036100F or 6200Fposition only
    1461-016100F or 6200Fposition only
    1541-03 6100F or 6200Fposition, tachometer, stop time, or stop angle, selectable only from PLC
    1731-036100F or 6200Fposition only
    1761-016100F or 6200Fposition only
    7451-016100F or 6200Fposition only
    82136100F or 6200Fposition or velocity, selectable from 6102
    8513-016100F or 6200Fposition or velocity, selectable from 6102

    Stand Alone ControllersCompatible DisplaysDisplayed Data
    GN3B1-01A-01 (Genesis)
    GN3B1-01B-01 (Genesis)
    6102position or velocity, selectable from 6102
    X=# of channels
    Y=# of output type
    6101Fposition or velocity. For two channel units, position and velocity from both channels
    X=# of channels, 1, 2, or 4
    Y=# of output type
    6101Fposition or velocity. For multi-channel units, position or velocity from all channels
    Y=output type
    6101Fposition or velocity


    AMCI Series 6000 Remote Display

    Remote DisplayFunctionality
    6100Fdisplays position, BCD output in negative logic
    6200Fdisplays position, BCD output in negative logic, smaller face plate than 6100F
    6101Fdisplays position or velocity on 1 or 2 channels. no transducer fault message
    6102displays position or velocity. no transducer fault message.
    Power requirementsall of the remote display units require 50mA at 110Vac.

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